Windows 10 is Coming!

Later this year Microsoft plans on releasing it’s latest and greatest operating system, Windows 10. Yes – that’s right. Ten, not 9.  Windows 9 is a non-entity.  It does not exist just like floor 13 in many New York apartment buildings.  Either they think 9 is bad luck or they feel they are making a bold statement by skipping one whole number.

I downloaded and installed a preview version of Windows 10.  It’s still pretty buggy but overall I was impressed as compared to Windows 8.x. There is no longer the disparity between desktop and tablet views.  They have unified the user interface in a fairly intuitive way.  The weird charms that appear from the right-hand edge in Windows 8 are gone, and most settings and preferences are now available in one location.

If you own and use other Microsoft device like a Surface tablet, Xbox or a Windows phone (anybody?) you will have a consistent interface across all devices.

If you want to learn more, here is an early review with some screen shots.