Apple Watch

A few weeks ago I walked into the Apple store to checkout the Watch (not iWatch!)  I fully expected to be underwhelmed, questioning it’s usefulness.  Oh boy, was I wrong.  The Watch is both very cool and useful, depending on your lifestyle.  I don’t have one yet (sigh) but for someone like me who is out and about all day, everyday, relying on my iPhone for all modes of communication – voice, text and email – plus entertainment – I listen to podcasts between appointments – maps for directions and finding new places for lunch, and a health app for tracking the distance I walk everyday, I am constantly reaching for my iPhone which lives in my pant’s pocket.  Everyone of these tasks I could manage from an Apple Watch allowing me to maintain my steady stride along the sidewalks of New York and eliminating the risk of having the iPhone slip from my grip and hit the pavement – this has happened more than once (Hint: Keep the ear buds plugged into your iPhone. When the iPhone drops the cord slows the fall enough to often eliminate the risk of screen breakage.)

Here are a few reviews that I found interesting:

Farhad Manjoo in the New York Times Reviews Apple Watch

In depth review from the AppleInsider

Molly Watt, who is both deaf and visually impaired reviews the Watch

Finally, a few clients have the Watch and give it a thumbs up.  All this said, I’m still waiting for version 2 (I think.)