iOS 10 iPhone and iPad

I previously wrote about the new iPhone operating system, iOS 10. It has been out for nearly a month now and for a major upgrade the transition has been pretty smooth. There was an initial installation glitch that was quickly resolved and other than that I have not run into nor read about any major problems.

If you have not upgraded your iPhone to iOS 10 it is safe to do so.

I do have a few notes about the new OS:

1) After you install the new OS you may notice that your iPhone battery drains quickly. It will do so for a day or two and then return to normal. This happens because the entire phone is being reindexed for fast searching. The reindexing takes place in the background draining power until the process is complete in a day or two. You can read about it here.

2) One of the first changes you will notice is how you unlock the phone. No more swipe right to reveal the keypad. Now, whether you type in a PIN or unlock the phone with your thumbprint, you need to press lightly on the home button. Trust me, it may take a while to retrain your thumb memory to get used to this.

3) When you do swipe right from the homepage you will see a new notification screen. Personally, I like it and find the new layout useful. If you scroll to the bottom there is an edit button that will allow you to customize the page. You will also notice that when notifications display, such as incoming email or messages, the format is clearer.

4) Messages has undergone major change giving you the ability to clutter up your text messages with pictures, GIFs, hand drawings, little bubble replies and page filling ballons. How exciting! Perfect for satisfying our inner 13 year old self.

5) Here is something I do like: voice mail messages are transcribed. It just happens when you open the Voice Message page and click on a new message.

6) One thing that is a bit more difficult is saving pictures from Mail. The button to save no longer displays by default. Why? Who knows? To display the save button you will need to press, sometimes hard, on the picture. The picture will pop-out and display the button to save.

There is a lot of other stuff for you to discover. Have fun.

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