Cable Companies – A Personal Note

I am a FiOS customer. Our two year contract came to an end about six months ago. I called them to see what kind of deal, equipment upgrades, faster internet, maybe less money I could negotiate for signing a new two year contract. Nada is what I got. I could pay the same price on a monthly basis or sign a two year contact. There was no point signing a new contract.

A few weeks ago we had an issue and my wife called Verizon. The Verizon rep solved the issue and told her that if we signed a two year contact we would get a better DVR capable of recording more programs, faster interent speed and new much smaller cable boxes for the additional TVs all for $10 less than we were currently paying. What?

It’s really nice that Verizon is offering this and we took the deal but it would have been even better if they contacted us with this offer.

Bottom line, it really pays to call your cable company now and then to see if they are offering any better deals.

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