Syncing Files to the Cloud

I know that many of you use Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive or iCloud Drive for storing files. The problem I find with these services is that they require me to change my file system.

Normally, I store everything in the Documents folder with many sub-folders. If I start using Dropbox, I have to move the files I want out of Documents and into Dropbox. Now I have to remember if a particular file is stored locally or in Dropbox.

I have found a better way, at least for me, to use Dropbox or any of the cloud services. There is a small app called MacDropAny that can link any file or folder on your computer to any of the major cloud services. This is a set it and forget it type of thing. For example, you can use MacDropAny to link your entire Documents folder to Dropbox, and then, without having moved a single file, your entire Documents folder will be synced to Dropbox and any changes you make will be automatically reflected in Dropbox. Now I can continue to orghanize my documents as I like.

The same can be done in Windows but not with MacDropAny. To do this in Windows requires some tinkering under the hood. It’s not difficult, just technical, and I don’t recommend doing this on your own unless you are comfortable with terminal


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