Who Kicked Over the Apple Cart?

This may be the question you’ll be asking yourself come the fall. Apple just announced major new releases for all their operating systems: iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS.

These new versions will be packed with changes, and given that, it may pay to wait a bit before upgrading you devices. Let the bugs be worked out. I’ll write more about this as the release date approaches. For now, I’ll tell you some of the highlights.

Cosmetically, OS X, the operating system for all Apple computers will have a name change. It will now be known as macOS, and the code name will be Sierra — as in the Sierra Mountains.

A few of the changes in macOS will be:

— Desktop sync across devices. I like this. If you have multiple computers your desktop can be kept in sync on all of them. Add a file to your desktop on your iMac and if will appear on your desktop on your Macbook Air, for example.

— Universal clipboard. Very cool, maybe useful. You can copy something on your iPhone or iPad, for example, and then paste in into a document on your computer.

— Optimized storage. You’ll be able to set up iCloud to find all the old files you have not touched for many months or years and have them all moved onto iCloud thus freeing up space on your computer. Think of it as an automatic archival service.

— Siri will be on the Mac so now you can ask your computer questions and ask it to do things for you. Who knows if it will listen to you or not?

If you have an Apple Watch or are thinking of getting one, the new watchOS looks great. Much faster. Easier to access apps and to switch between apps and clock faces. And if you are wearing your Apple Watch and using your computer, it will automatically log you in.

iOS has a ton of changes in store with major enhancements to Maps, iMessage, Photos, Siri and a major overhaul of Music. One extremely useful enhancement is voice mail transcription. You will no longer have to listen to someone’s long drawn out voice mail. The iPhone will automatically convert the voice mail to text so you can quickly read (and discard) the message.

You can find many articles about the coming changes online. Here is one article that I think provides a decent summary of the highlights.


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