Security. Again?

Nothing scary this month. Just two things to consider.

First, did you know that it’s super easy to check your credit rating on an on-going basis. Some credit cards like Capital One and Discover have been offering this to their clients for awhile. Capital One even sends alerts if anything significant changes.

Now, Discover is offering this service to everyone. You do not need to be a Discover card member. Just go to this link and sign up.

The second item is password management. (Am I beating a dead horse?) It’s very important that your passwords are strong and that you use different passwords on most or every site. This, of course, makes it difficult to manage. There are basically two ways to do so: keep a paper book with a list of all your accounts. You can also do this in a spreadsheet but if you do so, the spreadsheet should be password protected. The other option is to use a password manager. I use Dashlane but the other two products mentioned in the article, 1password and LastPass are also good.


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