Cloud Backup Services

I’ve written before about backups. Apple and Microsoft make doing this easy for backing up to on-site external hard drives. For many of you with important documents or treasure troves of family photos it is really imperative that you do this.

For the ultimate in protection you also want to set yourself up with a cloud backup service. With a cloud service all your data is stored in a cloud data center, someplace, with strong security and multiple failsafe systems in place. These services are not fast — all your data is being transmitted over the internet — but once the first full backup completes, only the data you change is updated.

Two of the best and most cost effective services are Crashplan and Backblaze. I’m slightly more partial to Crashplan but both are good. You can read a comparison of them here. This reviewer favored Backblaze.

With one of these backup services, even if you drop your laptop in the bathtub and your house burns down, your data will be safe in the cloud.


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