Printer Maintenance Tip

I do my best to run a paperless office. The only paperwork I have for my business is one folder for government notices. I do all my banking online, Quick Books for sales and expenses, and payroll is handled through the online service Gusto (check it out, it’s easy and great).

What this translates to is that I do not use my printer very often. When you don’t use your printer a lot, the print heads get dried out and clogged. If your ink levels are good and your printing looks terrible, this is usually the problem.

This issue is usually fixed by running the maintenance procedure to clean the heads. Most printers now have a small display where you can scroll to something titled Settings, Setup or Maintenance. Usually under this you can find a selection for cleaning the print heads. Select it and let it run. It usually takes a few minutes. Select print a report when it completes and you can visually inspect it for clean, clear printing. If it still does not look perfect, try running the cleaning procedure again. I’ve sometimes had to do this as many as three times before getting clear printing.


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