Mac Ransomware

I’ve written about ransomware in the past. Ransomware is malicious software that threatens to erase all your data if you do not pay money. Up until now, this has been a Windows problem.

The first known instance of Mac ransomware was reported here, here and here.

Although this seems pretty scary, and if you get attacked — it is, it’s of little risk to most people.

Firstly, the bad software was embedded in a program called Transmission which is used for streaming torrents. If you don’t know what a torrent or bit-torrent is, then you are probably safe. Torrents and software like Transmission are used for downloading content on the web like illegal music, movies and games (there are legal uses for it as well, but seriously, this is it’s primary purpose).

Second, Transmission has been cleaned and no longer contains the bad software.

Third, Apple issued a security update to block this bad software, which highlights the need to keep your operating system up to date. This is the main point I want to make: keep your OS and software up-to-date.


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