Let’s Talk Contacts

Two things here: how to easily enter business card information into your address book, and how to clean up your contacts.

If you are like me, at meetings, networking groups or when introduced to a new interesting person, I collect business cards. Afterwards, it’s been a tedious task of entering this new contact information into my address book.

I am an Evernote user, and with Evernote, this task becomes super-easy. However, the feature I am going to describe requires Premium, and I do it on my phone.

First, you create a new Notebook titled “Business Cards”.

Next, you go to Settings -> General -> Camera -> Business Cards -> Turn on Save to Contacts.

You are now basically all set. Go to the Business Card notebook. Select new note and select Photo. Take a picture of the business card and it will figure out all the proper fields for you like magic. If anything is incorrect, or needs editing, you can do so before saving. And that is it. The business card is saved in Evernote and, more importantly, a new contact is created in your address book.

Now, what about all those duplicate contacts and contacts with missing information. I recently came across an app called Contacts Cleanup & Merge. There is a free version and it is easy to use. It looks at all your contacts and then groups them by issues like Duplicate Contacts, Duplicate Phones, Duplicate Email Address, etc. You can then go into each list and choose what action you want to take, like delete or merge or do nothing. There are many other programs that do similar tasks, including apps for the Mac, Android, and Windows.

One note of warning about this: whenever you give an app permission to view your contacts, it’s hard to know for sure if your contact information is or is not being used for some other purpose.


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