IRS Email? Definitely not!

With tax day approaching it’s important to have your scam-dar raised and alert. That’s scam-dar as in scam radar, as in don’t fall prey to these ploys.

If you receive an email the looks very official from the IRS, trust me, it’s not from the IRS. It may sound threatening and most likely will ask for information, or demand that you call a number to clear up some matter. Just delete the message. You will get a mailing from the IRS if they have a real issue with you.

The same holds true for telephone calls. These can sound even more threatening. And if the scammer is good they will trick your phone so that the caller-ID reads “IRS”. Please, just hang up. The IRS does not call for collections or past taxes due.

If you really feel concerned about any email or call, you can phone the IRS and ask if they have any issues to be resolved with your account. Just make sure you find the real IRS number, not the number in an email or given to you by a caller on the phone.

You can read more about IRS scams here.


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