Photos in the Cloud

I continue to be frustrated by all the cloud solutions for photo storage. I really don’t find any of them completely adequate as a total replacement for local storage. Plus there is the all important issue of trusting one company to store and preserve all your precious family photos, presumably, and hopefully forever. You can read reviews of the most popular options here and here.

I’ll tell you my preference, but first, a little background. There are two types of cloud storage: the first is the type discussed in the above two articles, real-time file access. This is what you find with services like DropBox, Google, Flickr, One Drive and iCloud. The cloud files appear like other files in Windows Explorer or Finder and are immediately accessible.

The second type of cloud storage is backup storage. Services like BackBlaze, Crashplan and Carbonite offer this. These are pure backup services that are for use when you need to restore lost data but not for real-time access.

If you want to implement a near full-proof system for your photos I suggest that 1)you keep all your photos on your computer or on an external drive connected to your computer; 2) You backup all your photos locally to another external hard drive either with Time Machine (Apple) or Windows Backup. Another option which I like is Carbon Copy Cloner; and 3)Subscribe to a cloud backup service like one of the three mentioned above.

If you have other solutions that you like, I’d love to hear about them.


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