Wi-Fi Calling

Here’s the problem I have: I’m traveling out of town to visit friends. I arrive at their wonderful country home and discover I have no cell service or, at best, if I go stand 100 yards beyond the driveway I get one bar. I spend the weekend wondering what calls I’m missing from clients.

AT&T and Apple have provided a solution in iOS 9+. They simply call it Wi-Fi Calling. To turn on Wi-Fi Calling do this: Go to Settings -> Scroll down to Phone -> Select Wi-Fi Calling -> Turn it On.

It may take a little while to activate. When it does, at the top of your phone, next to AT&T, it will say Wi-Fi. That’s it. Keep it on. Simple.

What will happen now when I’m at my friends house, assuming I have access to their Wi-Fi network, is that I can make and receive calls using the Internet instead of the cell network.

For those of you on Verizon, it’s been reported that they are working on Wi-Fi Calling support. Hopefully, soon.


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