Month: October 2015

Wi-Fi Calling

Here’s the problem I have: I’m traveling out of town to visit friends. I arrive at their wonderful country home and discover I have no cell service or, at best, if I go stand 100 yards beyond the driveway I get one bar. I spend the weekend wondering what calls I’m missing from clients.

AT&T and Apple have provided a solution in iOS 9+. They simply call it Wi-Fi Calling. To turn on Wi-Fi Calling do this: Go to Settings -> Scroll down to Phone -> Select Wi-Fi Calling -> Turn it On.

It may take a little while to activate. When it does, at the top of your phone, next to AT&T, it will say Wi-Fi. That’s it. Keep it on. Simple.

What will happen now when I’m at my friends house, assuming I have access to their Wi-Fi network, is that I can make and receive calls using the Internet instead of the cell network.

For those of you on Verizon, it’s been reported that they are working on Wi-Fi Calling support. Hopefully, soon.

Your Monthly Security Fix

A bunch of things to note:

First, please don’t post the Facebook copyright notice. It’s totally bogus.  When you signed up for Facebook you agreed to their terms of service which pretty much gave away all your rights to anything you post.

And speaking of Facebook, there are some real scams on the site.  Check out this article from Senior Planet. Basically, be careful about links from people you don’t know, and anything that has to do with money is probably a scam.

Free is too good to be good, sometimes.  Turns out the anti-virus program AVG has been spying on you.

Too bad Hillary didn’t call Tech Concierge.  As many of you know by now, just deleting files does not securely erase them from your hard drive.  The data can still be recovered.  Apparently, her lawyers, or whomever deleted her email, did not understand this distinction.

If you are wondering what’s up with your new credit card with the chip, and the new card readers at retail shops, here’s the scoop.  Although this new technology makes using your card more secure at a retail store or restaurant, it is still less secure than in Europe where a PIN is required. We all know that there is nothing very identifying about our signature when we sign on the pads. Moreover, this new technology does nothing to protect us if our credit number is used for online shopping.

Finally, please be aware of the fake tech support scams.  If anyone you don’t know calls and says you have a problem on your computer, just hang up. I don’t care if they say they are from Microsoft, Apple or the United Nations, just hang up. If you are concerned that there maybe something wrong with your computer call me or someone you trust.

Did You Try Apple Music for Free?

If you tried the free three month trial of Apple Music now is the time to cancel it or buy it. You do not need to pay for Apple Music if you want to use the app to listen to music you load onto your iPhone.  The $9.99 monthly charge is it you want access to Apple’s entire catalog of music.  This is a service that competes with the Spotify premium service. Here is a quick visual description on ending the $9.99 service.

Office 2016

Microsoft has released Office 2016 for both Windows and Mac.  If you are an Office 365 subscriber then you can download this version.  You can read a review of it here and here. I will admit that I am still using the 2011 version.  I am not a heavy duty user of Office and see no reason to pay to upgrade. If I used Outlook then I would consider the upgrade and probably subscribe to Office 365 in order to have the latest, most secure version.

El Capitan — What? I Just Installed Yosemite

Yes, it may seem like you just updated your Mac OS to Yosemite.  Guess what?  There is a new version named El Capitan.

Yosemite was a big change.  Lot’s of things looked and worked differently.  El Capitan is modest in comparison.  Notes is updated to include some Evernote type capability.  Spotlight search is more intelligent. You can easily split the screen to run two apps side by side. There’s a new default font, and other modest changes.

I upgraded my computers about two weeks ago and have not had any issues.  I have seen one major issue report, however, and that is only if you have upgraded your version of Microsoft Office to 2016.  I am guessing that most readers have not done this unless you have a Office 365 subscription.  There have been reported problems.

I recommend upgrading to El Capitan unless you are an Office 2016 user.

Here are two good reviews on El Capitan:

Best Features from Business Insider.

The Verge Review.

iOS 9 – WiFi Assist

There is a new feature in iOS 9 called WiFi Assist.  This is a nice feature except for the fact it can eat up your data plan, which may or may not be a problem for you.

There is a problem that I have in my apartment and that is my WiFi works great except in my bathroom (I admit I look at my iPhone in the bathroom).  If I don’t manually turn WiFi off and use cellular data, I get no internet access on the phone.  The beauty of WiFi Assist is that it does this for me automatically.

What it does not do is tell me when it’s doing it.  What this means is that you can be using cellular data, the data you pay for on your phone bill, when you think you are on WiFi.  If you are someone who safely stays under the monthly cap of your data plan then this is probably not a problem. However, if you are someone who has sometimes used up all their date (guilty!), you might want to just turn WiFi Assist off and not worry so much about WiFi in the bathroom.

It’s easy to turn off. Go to Settings->Cellular-> scroll all the way to the bottom -> turn off WiFi Assist

That’s it.