iOS 9 – Best New Feature

I give the award for best new feature, particularly on the iPad, to multi-tasking (I know if you are an Android user you can brag that you had this feature first!). On the iPad you open one app, then using your finger, gently slide it from the right hand side toward the center of the screen. You will see a ribbon of other apps that you can open. Tap one of them and it will open on top of the first app.  For example, you could be reading the New York Times which gets you thinking about sending a message to a friend. You no longer have to exit the Times app and launch Messages or Mail. Now you simply swipe in from the right, tap Mail, type your email and send, all without exiting the Times app.  It really streamlines using the iPad. Please note, however, that not all apps have built-in support for this. I’ve noticed that I can’t swipe from the right when I’m in the Kindle app, which directly relates to my on-the-other-hand.

On the other hand, it makes it too easy to distract yourself from reading by checking email and messages. It’s hard enough staying focused these days.

Here is Apple’s complete description of multi-tasking on iPhones and iPads.


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