Some Security Notes

There’s always something to be worried about, what can I say. All we can do is stay informed, take some reasonable precautions, and not worry too much.

Here are a few note about recent items:

This is an FTC note about one clever, crazy scam to hack your email account through text messaging.  I really encourage you to read this.

Maybe you’ve heard of ransomeware.  It’s where your computer is locked down until you pay someone some money.  Read about what it is and how to protect yourself.  The most important thing is to have backups of your data.  Next, if this happens to you, just shut everything off right away.

And for something that is not scary, Apple will be introducing two-factor authentication into it’s new products.  Here’s an article about what it is and why it is important.

I believe that two-factor authentication is going to become more common place, and it should do so quickly, particularly for financial institutions.  So far this year more than 100 million Social Security numbers have been compromised.  This article also points out the weakness of using your SSN as authentication.


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