Google Maps for When You’re Really Lost

I just learned a new trick with Google maps, and boy-oh-boy did it help me.

We went to visit friends upstate where AT&T has very spotty service. Luckily I had just learned this trick and prepared ahead of time.  The feature I did not know about is saving maps offline.  This allows you to see detailed maps even when you have no cellular service.

This is how you do it:

Open Google Map -> Position the map to view the area where you will be traveling -> Tap the three bar icon on the left side of the Google search bar -> Tap Your Places -> Scroll all the way down to Offline Images and tap VIEW ALL AND MANAGE -> Tap SAVE A NEW OFFLINE MAP

That’s it.  Repeat the above steps to view maps you’ve saved.

Be aware that the maps do expire so make sure, if you’ve previously saved a map, they are still saved before you leave home.  Also note, saved maps cannot be more than 30 miles in radius.


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