Block that Ad

Last month I wrote about Chrome, why it can slow down, and an add-in for speeding it up.

There is another add-in that can be used with most any browser, and that is Adblock Plus.

Many of my clients complain that their computer is getting slower and slower.  In many cases, it’s just their browser and online activity that has slowed down.  A big reason for that is that websites are running more and more code, and a lot of it has to do with advertising.  Most people just have no idea how much is going on behind the scenes when they open a tab and visit a commercial website.  Let’s say you go to the Huffington Post or Fox News (I’m nonpartisan!), every ad that is displayed requires access to other services, and the running of lots of code. Here’s an informative article about it all and the use of Adblock.

Adblock Plus installs a little icon on your browser menu bar. One fun thing is that it displays the number of ads blocked for each site.

Give it a try.


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