Backing up iPhone Passwords

Boy do I feel stupid about this:  As many of you know, my preference has been to bypass every other iPhone release, so I’ve been waiting for the iPhone 6s to be released in the fall. Fate had other plans.  My son dropped his phone, it died, and I was not going to get him a new iPhone 6.  Instead, I got an iPhone 6 and gave him my old 5.  This is not the stupid part because I love my new iPhone, especially the large screen – particularly the larger keyboard, signing in with my thumb, and the fantastic camera.

Here’s the stupid part – I did not backup my old phone to my computer. I did have a backup on iCloud.  For most people this may be just fine, but I had dozens of WiFi passwords stored on my phone.  When you do a backup and restore from iCloud, your keychain passwords, including all the WiFi passwords are not backed up.  The only way to backup then up is to do an encrypted backup to your computer through iTunes. I blanked on this before I setup up my new iPhone and factory reset my old phone to give to my son.

Lesson learned and something for you to remember when you get a new iPhone.

Here are the steps for doing an encrypted backup:

1. Plug your iPhone into your computer.

2. Open iTunes if it does not open automatically. Make sure your iPhone is not on the locked screen.

3. Click on the small iPhone icon near the top left corner.

4. Make sure you are now looking at the Summary screen. The selection for this is on the left.

5. Notice the Backup section.  Check the Encrypt iPhone backup selection.  You will be asked for a password (don’t forget it!) and the backup will commence.


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