Apple News – New OS, New iOS and New Store

It seems like you just finished updating all your computer to Yosemite and your mobile devices to iOS 8, and now Apple goes and announces new versions of everything.

Coming soon will be their new desktop OS named El Capitan (the new code names are all national monuments.)  You can read about some of the new features here and here. The basic look and feel of the new OS will not be a big change from Yosemite.  This is a release with a lot of small improvements.  Two features that I am looking forward to are running two applications side-by-side, split screen and the enhanced version of Notes.  Notes, borrowing a lot from Evernote, will allow for more grouping and saving of information from different sources including text, photos, websites and hand drawn pictures.

iOS 9, likewise, will not be a major redesign.  You can read about some of the new features here. iOS 9 will contain a smarter version of Siri, better search, and better maps. If you have an iPad you’ll be able to split the screen and run two apps side-by-side. Apple is also introducing a news reader, kind of like Flipboard, that will aggregate news from many different sources. Apple will also be encouraging you to create a 6 digit passcode instead of your 4 digit code. (It was smart of them not to have a 7 digit code. I think too many people would just use their phone number.)

Finally, for all of you on the UES there is a new Apple store at Madison and 74th, opening not without typical NYC controversy.


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