On Chrome the Browser

Chrome, the browser by Google, is my go to choice.  I like it’s simple interface and speed (admittedly, the big browser developers are constantly one-upping each other over browser speed.) One problem with Chrome, and other browsers, is the amount of memory they use.

In the good old days of internet browsing, like ten years ago, browsers basically displayed static pages of text with some graphic elements.  Now, they are chocked full of little programs, videos and advertisements – all of which hog computer resources. And, over time, if you open many tabs, your computer memory will be used up and you’ll notice a slow down, spinning wheels, and the like.

If you are interested in how Chrome operates under the hood, here’s a good article – it’s not too techie.

The article mentions a little add-in that can keep Chrome operating at more optimal speeds when you have lots of tabs open.  It’s called The Great Suspender and you can read about it here.  It’s a very simple add-in that puts a tab to sleep, freeing the memory it uses, after a set period of inactivity.  The tab is still there, so when you return to it, one click and it’s activated again.

If you really want to see what is using up memory in Chrome, click the Menu icon on the Chrome tool bar (that’s the icon on the far right that looks like 3 stacked lines), select More Tools -> Task Manager.


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