Electric Power

Ever wonder what effect all the new electronic devices you own are doing to your electric bill?  What they are doing is costing you, even in sleep mode. I came across this Washington Post article about MEL – miscellaneous electrical load.  Here’s an excerpt:

Meet the problem that energy researchers call MEL — the “miscellaneous electrical load.” Its name says it all: It refers to all the power use from miscellaneous electronics and other objects in your home that are not major appliances, lighting, or heating and cooling. Many of these additional devices spend most of their time in standby mode; others are wirelessly communicating all the time. They use a constant stream of power, even when you’re getting nothing out of them. Even when you’re sleeping.

Even those phone chargers that you keep plugged into outlets, when not in use, are drawing small amounts of power.  If you’re concerned about your power bill or the environment, it’s worth reading.


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