2 Email Scams to Avoid

If you have received an email that looks like it is from Apple telling you that your Apple ID is about to expire, or something like that, delete the email and DO NOT click on the links in the email.  If you do click on the link you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and Password.  Once you do that, you will have compromised your data and credit card.  It all looks very legitimate but it isn’t.

If you have done this, or do this, I suggest that you call Apple and have your Apple ID/Password changed.  Check with them about any purchases through the iTunes store that you did not make, and check with your credit card company (the one you have on file with Apple) for charges you did not initiate.

The second scam originates with emails that appear to come from friends on WhatsApp.  Here’s some information about this.  Importantly, WhatsApp does not send out emails about missed messages.  If you do click on the link your computer will be infected with malware.

Here is a good general rule to avoid theses types of scams:  if you receive an email from a financial institution, a business, or any other third party that is asking you to click on a link to go to their website or download something, do not click on the link.  If you think it might be legitimate, use your browser and login to the institution’s or business’ website.  If the email was about an important issue you will most likely be informed when you login or view your messages on the site.


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