Month: April 2015

Apple’s New Photo App

If you’ve updated you’re OS X to the latest version, 10.10.3, you may have noticed that iPhoto is no more.  It has been replaced by Photos which is the same name as the Photo app on iPhones and iPads.  This new app has a similar look and feel.  It also has many more sophisticated editing features built in – I find these new editing tools fun and easy to play with.  Re/Code recently published this review of the product.

When you first open the new Photos app it will convert all your photos from iPhoto.  You will not lose anything.  You will also be asked about using the new iCloud Photo Library.  The plus of using this services is that all your photos will be stored on iCloud and can be accessed by all your devices instantaneously. But, it comes with a price – the storage is not free.  If you have a lot of photos and you are using iCloud to backup your mobile devices, and maybe store other documents, you will quickly use up your 5 GB free allotment of space.  It costs about $12 a year for an extra 20 GB of space.

I recommend you read the review, dive in, and have fun looking through all your photos.