A Quick Note on New Apple Products

Apple had a big event for the release of the Apple Watch and the new MacBook (Not Air, Not Pro, just MacBook.)  The Apple Watch is a whole new category, and like the original iPhone, it’s full potential is unknown.  Unless you really like being an early adaptor, I would wait for the next generation before deciding if this is something you want.  If you do get it, however, by all means let me know and let me help you play with it (I mean set it up.)

As for the new MacBook, same deal.  This is a computer that is redefining Apple’s laptop product line.  It looks like a beautiful piece of equipment but it is more expensive and less powerful than a MacBook Air.  I’d wait for the next generation.  If you need a new laptop now go with the MacBook Air. If you need a retina display go with the MacBook Pro.


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