What Happens to those Archived Messages in Gmail

I like to keep my inbox clean so when I get a new email I either file it, delete it, or archive it.

In Gmail, when reading a new email, there are a number of icons across the top.  The one that looks like a trash can will send the message to Trash – pretty obvious.  The icon to the far left will Archive the message. If you use an iPhone and you swipe left on a mail message typically the options are More, Flag, Archive.  Archive makes the message disappear just like sending it to Trash but, what really happens to it?  Is it trashed?

No.  It is archived which means it’s taken from the inbox and preserved somewhere else for safe keeping.  Where it is kept is not obvious.  The easiest way to find an archived message is to search for it by typing in the sender’s name in the search box at the top of the screen or a keyword from the email subject line.  Another option is to scroll down the left hand side of the Gmail screen until you see “More”.  Click the down arrow and select “All Mail”.  This shows all your mail, including archived mail, and you can scroll through it looking for your Archived message.


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