Keeping Your iPhone Clean

I’m coming clean with you about my iPhone upgrade strategy – I upgrade every other version.  For me, this means that I’m still carrying around an iPhone 5s.  I am  jealous of the larger screens many of my clients have but I will hold out for the 6s or 7, whatever Apple calls it.

In the meantime I often find that I run low on memory but I have found ways to deal with this problem.  Here are my strategies:

First, open Settings -> General -> Usage.

Under Storage select Manage Storage.  This will show you all your apps and how much space they are using.  Chances are music or photos are the largest memory hog.  To reduce memory usage you can delete photos.  To reduce music, change your sync options with iTunes.

Another potential big user of memory is Messages (text and iMessages) particularly if friends are sending you photos in messages.  You can clean up your messages by opening the Message app, select Edit which displays a circle next to all the conversations.  Tap the circle next to the conversations you want to delete and tap “Delete” at the bottom of the screen.

Other apps may hold lots of data and to clear them out the best solution is to delete the app and then re-download the app from the App Store.

There are also third party application that can help.  One such is Phone Expander which is currently in beta.  I’ve used it successfully.  It’s fairly straight forward.  It clears lots of hidden data on your iPhone.  If you have questions about it, email me or call.


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