Get a Jump on Spring Cleaning with this Special Offer

This offer includes one onsite visit and a remote six-month checkup.

The onsite visit will include:

  • Check of your security software for up to date virus and malware protection.
  • Install of new security software if needed.
  • Installation of ad blocking software, if desired.
  • Review all installed applications for unwanted programs.
  • Review browser extensions for unwanted add-ins that can slow down your browsing or cause unwanted ads.
  • Verify your backup options are working and review other options for fail-safe backup.
  • Check of your WiFi performance.
  • Review password management.

This Special Offer also includes an additional remote six-month check up.  I will connect to your computer remotely – we will be on the phone together when I do this – to review all of the above. 

The cost for this service is $199*.

* Note:  The cost of additional software is not included in this price.  Problems requiring additional onsite visits will be billed at our usual rate.


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