Sharing Data and Music Wirelessly

Have you found yourself forgetting to back up your computer because it’s a pain to constantly plug in an external hard drive to your laptop?

Or maybe it’s annoying that you cannot have one music library for your entire family?

One solution to both problems is to create shared storage using your WiFi network.

There are devices you can purchase today that do this for you including Apple’s Airport Extreme Time Capsule, Seagate Central and WD My Cloud.

Or, as I’ve done for a few clients, you can roll your own using an Airport Extreme and any USB hard drive.

If you have an Airport Extreme you may have noticed (or not) that there is a USB connection on the backside.  Any hard drive that you plug in will be recognized and accessible by anyone on your WiFi network.  You can use the drive for Time Machine backups or for storing shared files. including music, alleviating the need to plug a drive into your computer.  When you’re connected to your WiFi network you’ll be connected to the shared hard drive.


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