Password Manager

I’ve written about having strong passwords and using password managers in the past.  Over the past six months I’ve used both Lastpass and Dashlane.  After using both on my laptop and iPhone, although it’s more expensive, I prefer Dashlane for its ease of use. Both keep track of your passwords and fill them in automatically but I found that Dashlane did its job with less fuss and better organization.
You can read a recent review of Dashlane here.

As I said above, Dashlane is more expensive.  Lastpass is very popular, it works and if you’re happy using it, no need to switch.  And, there are other alternatives, you can read about them here.
And speaking of passwords, do not use any of these.  This is a list of the top 500 passwords that hackers use when attempting to break into accounts.  Look through this list and notice that many of these are common names followed by a number.  If you want to use a name, misspell it in some uncommon way — Jane123 is not a secure password.


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