3D TV, Smart TV, 4K TV

It used to be fairly easy to purchase a TV — aside from the manufacturer, the only thing to decide on was the screen size. Now you need to decide what resolution, how many other devices you will attach to the TV, do you want to view 3D programming, the resolution, flat screen or curved screen, LCD, LED, OLED, plasma and do you want your TV connected to the internet – so called smart TV.

Here is an opinion piece that tells you to forget about 3D and smart TV features.  I agree!  3D is dying on its own.  As for smart TV, like Netflix and Hulu access, most of the implementations are not as good as getting Apple TV or Roku.  The TV manufacturers are good at building hardware but not so good with software.  I have noticed that Netflix on a Samsung is slow and balky, whereas using an Apple TV or Roku on the same TV for Netflix operates just fine.  If you can save a few dollars by purchasing a TV that is not 3D and has no “smarts” I recommend you do so.

As for 4K TV, look at it before you buy it.  Right now you’ll be paying twice as much as for a standard hi-def TV and to my eye the improvement is merely incremental.  Additionally, there is just not that much you’ll be watching in 4K at this time.


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