With the release of OS X version 10 or 10.10, Apple has abandoned animals – Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, etc. – for National Parks with the latest OS X release having the code name Yosemite.

The new version has a revamped user interface with newly designed icons looking more like those on the iPhone and iPad, a new color palette and new default fonts.  Many of the built in apps like Mail, iMessage, iPhoto have added features.

If your iPhone is near your Mac computer you can now answer phone calls on your computer or iPad.

iCloud has been enhanced to act more like general purpose cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive.  When you enable iCloud Drive the iCloud Drive icon will appear in finder and you can drag and drop files to it giving you the ability to access files from any device that supports iCloud (read about FileApp in this Newsletter to learn about accessing files on your iPhone.)

Yosemite was extensively beta tested and based on my own experience and reading the press it is stable enough to recommend upgrading.  I’ve helped a good number of clients upgrade and have not had any serious problems.


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